Introducing Expedition: Danajon Bank

By Tyler Stiem

Project Seahorse and the International League of Conservation Photographers are excited to announce Expedition: Danajon Bank, a photography project that explores a rare and threatened double-barrier coral reef in the Philippines. It’s a collaboration between some of the world’s top nature photographers and marine scientists. 

(Learn more about our expedition team here, or find out how you can get involved.) 

Little-known to the outside world, Danajon Bank is one of only six double-barrier reefs across the globe, and one of the most important marine ecosystems in the entire Pacific Ocean. Species found all over the region are thought to have first evolved along this 90-mile stretch of coastline. 

Unfortunately, Danajon Bank faces many threats, including overfishing and destructive fishing practices (such as blast fishing with explosives), as well as overdevelopment, pollution, and climate change. The reef is home to at least 200 threatened animals, such as the elusive Tiger-tail seahorse. 

Our project aims to capture Danajon Bank in all its fragile beauty and share the images with the world to raise awareness about the threats facing this important ecosystem.

Following a two-week expedition in spring 2013, we will produce a beautiful hardcover photo book and launch a series of large-scale photo exhibitions at aquariums in London, Chicago, Hong Kong, Manila, and beyond. 

The result will be a powerful photographic legacy that will help conservationists in the Philippines and around the world push for increased protections for the Danajon Bank.