Seahorses: Magical Creatures in Our Backyard” aims to build awareness about seahorses and other syngnathids in Biscayne National Park (BNP) and inspire residents of Miami-Dade County (FL, USA) to take action to protect the park and their oceans. Charismatic symbols of the seagrasses, mangroves, reefs and estuaries they call home, seahorses are flagship species for a wide range of marine conservation issues in Biscayne National Park (from water quality to plastics and other marine debris to habitat damage from boats, jet skis and other watercraft).

In April and May of 2017, our M.Sc student researcher, Emilie Stump, toured South Florida engaging people in thought and conversation about BNP and the threats its faces, and what they can do to help.  To see where Emilie spent time visit our Events and Appearances page.

In addition to connecting directly with Miami-Dade County residents we have also developed a suite of resources for like-minded organisations to use in their own education and community programming. Access our online Toolkit of resources here.

A photo narrative of Emilie Stump's research: Seahorse distribution and marine conservation in the Biscayne National Park

  Unless otherwise indicated, photos by Emilie Stump/Project Seahorse.

Project Team

The following Project Seahorse team members are involved in developing and executing this campaign: Amanda Vincent, Emilie Stump, Lindsay Aylesworth, Scott Finestone, Regina Bestbier and Lily Stanton.

Project Sponsor 


This campaign is made possible through the generous support of the Herbert W. Hoover Foundation. The Herbert W. Hoover Foundation takes a leadership role in funding unique opportunities that provide solutions to issues related to the community, education, and the environment.

Project collaborators

We would like to recognise the following group for their involvement in this campaign.  From hosting events to connecting us with local area resources to multiplying our conservation messages, their efforts have been invaluable.





Banner photo of a lined seahorse (Hippocampus erectus) by C. Bennice/Guylian Seahorses of the World