Project Ocean launches in United Kingdom


With current forecasts predicting the collapse of the world’s major fisheries by 2050, a novel approach to conservation is needed to secure the future of our seas.

Project Seahorse, the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), and over 20 other conservation-minded organizations have today embarked on Project Ocean, a ground-breaking partnership with luxury department store Selfridges to bring attention to the crisis facing the world’s oceans. 

For the first time in its history, Selfridges will be stocking their shelves with sustainable fish, and dedicating its famous window displays to conservation, highlighting the plight of the oceans to the store’s 30,000 daily shoppers.

In addition to bringing conservation to the consumer, Selfridges will be taking to the high seas and buying a patch of pristine ocean.

Drawing on the expertise of scientists at Project Seahorse and ZSL, Selfridges’ Marine Protected Area (MPA) will provide a safe haven to endangered corals and mangroves. Covering an area of the Indian Ocean the size of 33 Selfridges stores, marking a long-term investment in future fish stocks.

Project Seahorse believes that Project Ocean signifies a new approach to conservation, uniting leaders in business and science, to solve the biggest challenges facing the natural world today.