Expedition: Danajon Bank in Hong Kong, Manila, Chicago

Expedition: Danajon Bank, our international marine conservation photo exhibit, is now live in three cities! Find out how you can visit one of these beautiful and educational exhibits:

John G. Shedd Aquarium, Chicago
Every day in the Wild Reef exhibit
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Ocean Park Hong Kong
Until January 20th, 2014
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Manila Ocean Park (Manila, Philippines)
Until late 2014
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What is Expedition: Danajon Bank? 

Expedition: Danajon Bank is an international photo exhibition and advocacy campaign to protect Danajon Bank, a rare and ecologically important coral reef in the Philippines, and to educate the world about marine conservation, one of the most important issues today. 

Organized by Project Seahorse and iLCP, it’s a collaboration between some of the world’s top nature photographers and marine conservation scientists.

Why Danajon Bank?

Little-known to the outside world, the Danajon Bank is one of only six double-barrier reefs in the world, and one of the most important marine ecosystems in the entire Pacific Ocean. Species found all over the Pacific are thought to have first evolved here. 

Unfortunately, Danajon Bank faces many threats, including overfishing and destructive fishing practices (such as blast fishing with explosives), as well as overdevelopment, pollution, and climate change. The reef is home to at least 200 threatened animals, such as the elusive Tiger-tail seahorse. 

Our project, which began with a scientific and photo expedition to Danajon Bank in spring 2013, aims to capture the area in all its fragile beauty and share the images with the world to raise awareness about the threats facing this important ecosystem and many thousands of fragile marine ecosystems around the world.

Banner photo: Thomas P. Peschak/iLCP