Online training course for seahorse population monitoring

We have some great news for those who want to take seahorse citizen science to the next level: Project Seahorse and our partner John G. Shedd Aquarium have just launched a fast, fun, and free online iSeahorse training course that teaches you how to do long-term monitoring of wild seahorse populations.

Long-term monitoring of seahorse populations is an important part of seahorse science and conservation. The data you collect can be used to map population and habitat changes over time, identify threats, and kickstart conservation action.

Through the online course, you learn how to monitor wild seahorses and their habitats and share your scientific data with iSeahorse.

Course objectives:

  • Learn how to find possible locations for seahorses
  • Understand how citizen scientists can contribute data for conservation and research
  • Identify different species of seahorses
  • Be able to collect data on seahorses and their habitat underwater and submit data to iSeahorse

Course length: Seven lectures, 55 minutes in total.

Want to know more about population monitoring? Visit iSeahorse. Ready to take the course? Register here.