A new year brings a new you: making smart consumer choices

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to make changes in hopes of becoming a better you. This year, why not add making smarter consumer choices to your list of resolutions! 

Every little decision we make in our daily lives has the potential to create big results for the future of our planet. Here are a few simple things you can do to help keep our ocean healthy: 

Eat less shrimp!

One of the simplest, most effective things you can do to protect marine habitats around the world is to avoid eating farmed or trawled shrimp. Shrimp trawling and farming are among the most destructive activities that occur in our ocean. Every year, it destroys thousands of miles of coastal habitats around the world. Sourcing shrimp from certified organic farms is one way to enjoy them responsibly. This Seachoice Shrimp Guide is a great starting point.

Eat sustainable seafood!

With today’s technology, it has become much easier for us to find out where our food comes from. Smartphone apps and other guides can help you choose seafood that is good for both you and our ocean. Check out MSC Ecolabel, Seafood Watch, and SeaChoice.

Avoid plastic products!

Ten percent of all plastic we throw away ends up in our oceans, breaking down into tiny particles called microplastics. These particles are so tiny that they can end up in the blood and tissue of marine animals, and make their way up the food chain. The problem is, microplastics are so small and our oceans are so vast that a clean-up is never going to be an option. This is where you come in: the first and best step is to prevent plastics from getting into the ocean in the first place. Use plastic products sparingly and recycle, recycle, recycle! We're not just talking about plastic bottles and bags, even beauty products contain microbead plastics that wash down the drain and end up in the ocean. Here's a great smartphone app that can help you choose products without plastics.


Remember, the choices we make today become the legacy we hand off to future generations. Let’s start making smart consumer choices together!


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