10 Solutions to Save the Ocean

Publication Type: Journal Article

Year of Publication: 2007

Authors: Hall, M, Pauly D, Conover V, Vincent ACJ, Davis K, Safina C, Sugihara G, Sumaila UR, Agardy T

Journal: Conservation

Volume: 8

Issue: 3

Pagination: 23


Great ideas can pop open whole new vistas. And they can come in many forms. They can be as big and sweeping as a new business model or as focused as a single piece of equipment. What’s key is that they are leverage points that have the potential to turn tides. Saving the world’s oceans is going to take more than passionate declarations. So we asked a select group of innovative thinkers to go out on a limb. What string should we pull to give marine conservation a decided edge? Here are their answers.

URL: http://www.conservationmagazine.org/2008/07/10-solutions-to-save-the-ocean/