Methods to Measure and Mitigate the Impacts of Tourism Development on Tropical Beach-Breeding Shorebirds: The Malaysian Plover in Thailand

Publication Type: Journal Article

Year of Publication: 2008

Authors: Yasué, M, Dearden P

Journal: Tourism in Marine Environments

Volume: 5

Issue: 4

Pagination: 287 - 299

Date Published: 12/2008

ISSN: 1544273X



Beach tourism can lead to increased levels of human disturbance and cause changes in habitat structure that may affect wildlife. This article reviews the range of impacts of beach tourism on wildlife, describes the expansion of tourism in Thailand, and summarizes the results and management recommendations from a study on Malaysian plovers (Charadrius peronii) breeding in the Gulf of Thailand. This region has experienced tremendous growth in beach tourism over the last decade. The results suggest that human disturbance, tourism-related changes in vegetation behind beaches, and narrowing of beaches influence habitat availability and breeding success. The article concludes with recommendations to assess and mitigate the impacts of tourism development on breeding tropical shorebirds.

DOI: 10.3727/154427308788714803

Short Title: Tourism in Marine Environments