The art of science storytelling (part one)
By Kyle Gillespie I hadn't planned on being there. In fact, I felt quite uncomfortable as the glare kyle gillespie stories from this guy. To be continued... Kyle Gillespie is a PhD student with Project Seahorse.
The night life in the Philippines is truly wild
community-run marine protected areas (MPAs) on Danajon Bank. Kyle Gillespie/Project Seahorse For four kyle gillespie fishers and their families. Kyle Gillespie/Project Seahorse In spite of their importance to humans By Kyle Gillespie Kyle Gillespie/Project Seahorse Something exciting happens when the sun goes down
Murderers, Cannibals and Spanish Dancers
kyle gillespie By Kyle Gillespie At the beginning of chapter 6 of John Steinbeck’s Cannery Row he tells a story of
A photo journey through Filipino reefs after the sun goes down
kyle gillespie reefs at night and the fishers who collect them. (All photographs by Kyle Gillespie/Project Seahorse By Kyle Gillespie When the sun goes down in the Central Philippines the reefs come alive as crabs
Beyond marine protected areas
colleague Kyle Gillespie and I organized a symposium to broaden our view of the diverse tools and
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