A day in the life: studying seahorses in Brazil
By Lindsay Aylesworth As Project Seahorse PhD student Lindsay Aylesworth prepares for her first lindsay aylesworth As Project Seahorse PhD student Lindsay Aylesworth prepares for her first field season in southeast soccer, the research team and I enjoy a cold coconut, while watching the sunset from a sand dune. All photos: Lindsay Aylesworth/Project Seahorse
Highlights from a field season in Thailand
By Lindsay Aylesworth In our latest Field Notes blog, Project Seahorse PhD student Lindsay fishers. Lindsay Aylesworth/Project Seahorse 1) First Day of Fisher Interviews & Port Sampling Back in our . Diving with hedgehog seahorses. Lindsay Aylesworth/Project Seahorse 3) Training Workshop at the at registration desk! With the family of Bang Lee at Koh Pu. Lindsay Aylesworth/Project Seahorse 6 lindsay aylesworth assistant, Top (right). Lindsay Aylesworth/Project Seahorse 5) Thailand Dive Expo The Thailand Dive
Taking action for seahorses with Marine Conservation Cambodia
. Photo by Lindsay Aylesworth On my trip out to Koh Seh Island, I saw how serious Paul and his team By Lindsay Aylesworth In our latest Field Notes, Project Seahorse PhD candidate Lindsay Aylesworth(@l_aylesworth lindsay aylesworth
Pacific Ecology & Evolution Conference
lindsay aylesworth By Lindsay Aylesworth As a new Ph.D student starting in January, it’s been a challenging first few
Three more countries required to take action for seahorses
. Photo by Lindsay Aylesworth/Project Seahorse. CITES gave the three countries much the same set of
Searching for Seahorses
southeastern corner of Phuket, Thailand. Photo: Lindsay Aylesworth/Project Seahorse Our boatman
You say 'falsification,' I say 'validation': taking a multidisciplinary approach to conservation
students from disciplines ranging from political science to economics to law. Lindsay Aylesworth, another
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