Idealism tempered by my first CITES meeting
By Dr. Sarah Foster Note: This post marks the last of our reports from the 2014 CITES annual ) and Sarah Foster (right) at the 27th CITES Animals Committee Meeting in Veracruz, Mexico. After long sarah foster
Unsustainable shrimp a jumbo problem
By Dr. Sarah Foster Project Seahorse researcher Sarah Foster says most of the shrimp we eat are sarah foster
Getting excited about export regulation … really!!
By Sarah Foster In May I had a really rich experience in the world of marine fish trade. It was sarah foster
Supporting seahorses through CITES - here we go again...
to get involved in West Africa too. For the first time, I have another seahorse wizard along. Sarah Foster is also on the Project Seahorse team and has spent years working with CITES but this is the
Some thoughts on CITES
symposium (co-organized by Project Seahorse’s Dr. Sarah Foster) that laid out the case studies on CITES
Reliving the joys of CITES
active measures for conservation. Sarah Foster and I were part of the powerful IUCN delegation and the CITES Secretariat. Sarah Foster surrounded by sharks for a change The actual votes on
Where conservation happens
this time – for the first time – I was one of them. Dr. Sarah Foster at CITES CoP17 in Johannesburg By Sarah Foster I am tired. So. Very. Tired. And as I sit here on the plane heading back to Canada
A walk through Hong Kong's traditional Chinese medicine district
was confronted with barrel loads of the scaly blighters. I heard the voice of my colleague, Sarah Foster, in my head: "Each fishing trawler may only catch one or two seahorses per fishing trip as
Do we need to ban bans? The case of the seahorse in India
shrimp trawls. Photo by Sarah Foster/Project Seahorse Seahorses are a commercially important flagship
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