Project Seahorse needs your help

Dear friends, colleagues, and supporters:

Are you a syngnathid researcher? Seahorses need your help. We are inviting you to contribute to a CITES Review of Significant Trade. This is one of the most important things you can do for seahorses. The deadline by which we need your help is Friday, October 28th. Please read on.

As you may well know, all seahorse species are listed on the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) Appendix II — which means CITES Parties wishing to export seahorses must first prove that the proposed exports will not harm the wild populations from which they are sourced.  

When there is reason to believe that certain Appendix II listed species are being traded at levels that may be harming wild populations, the species may be subject to a Review of Significant Trade. The Review should act as a safety net for the Convention by ensuring that species are managed sustainably. 

Three seahorse species — Hippocampus kelloggi, H. kuda and H. spinosissimus — are currently under review, to assess whether current levels of trade from range states may be detrimental to the species. Project Seahorse has been asked to help collate all available information on these species in support of the review, and so we turn to you, our syngnathid colleagues.  

Please note that the review will be discussed at the CITES Animals Committee in March 2012, and will be made publicly available on the CITES website. This means that unless you request otherwise, it will be assumed that any information you provide can be included in the report and referenced accordingly.

We are seeking the following country-specific information for H. kelloggi, H. kuda and H. spinosissimus:

  • distribution
  • population and conservation status
  • sustainability of harvest and trade levels
  • management measures

In addition to any of the above, we would appreciate receiving other information you think may be relevant to the process.

We are also requesting contact information for in-country experts who may be able to provide us with information in support of this important endeavour.

Again, the absolute deadline by which we must have your information is Friday, October 28th. Please send your information to Please help us to help CITES save seahorses.  


The Project Seahorse Team