Project Seahorse team member recognized for work on women and marine conservation

Doctoral candidate and Project Seahorse team member Danika Kleiber has received a Recognition Award from the International Federation of University Women (IFUW) for her ongoing doctoral study of the role of women in small-scale fisheries. The IFUW is an international network linking women graduates from all cultures, fields of study, all professions, and all generations in more than 120 countries.

Danika received her BSc from Tufts University, where she undertook a double major in biology and women’s studies. She recently completed her MSc on song sparrow breeding biology at the Department of Forestry, UBC. Danika has field experience with several species, including lobsters and fur seal pups, in a number of countries and contexts. She has conducted research on a variety of marine conservation issues, and is fascinated by the intersection of gender and conservation biology. 

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