Project Seahorse at the 2011 International Marine Conservation Congress

This spring, Project Seahorse is not only attending the second annual International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC) — we're bringing the conference to you. From May 15 - 18, our team will report on the latest developments in marine conservation on the new Project Seahorse blog, On Conservation, and on our Facebook page. Check back on often!

Organized by the Society for Conservation Biology, the IMCC is international and interdisciplinary in scope. The congress brings together conservation professionals and students from universities, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, environmental industries, private foundations, organizations, and publications to advance the cause of marine conservation.

The Project Seahorse team is hosting many talks and presentations, including "Saving the shallow seas: hold your breath for conservation success," an international symposium on conserving the marine ecosystems in our own backyards.

View the calendar of Project Seahorse events or visit the IMCC website for more information.